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Opinions needed

My beautiful little sister turns 18 in a few weeks and I wanted to send her a thoughtful message in her bday card. I put this in the relationship section due to the fact that her and I don't have the best relationship. Even though I pretty much raised her until she was 5, like my Father I left her after that. Communication broke down between us, some due to the fact that I was in the Navy and out to sea a lot and some because I didn't know what to say to a young girl. She became a stranger to me and I to her but over the past 3 years I've tried to re-establish a relationship with her and have met with resistance, not a huge surprise. I know some has to do with her busy schedule and her mother who can't stand me. Talking with my dad's side of the family, communication with her has been few and far between as well. I know that they call all the time but never hear back. I'm sadden by the fact that she hasn't experienced that side of her heritage and instead only been immersed with her mom's side. I don't know how my words will be received by her and I'm questioning whether I should write them down for her at all. I'm concerned and quite frankly scared that now that she's an adult we will drift farther apart to where there's nothing at all.
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Give me ideas to what you want said... I may be able to help

Besides no communication and the family thing....

Or really... just speak from your heart and what is wrote down is what you want it to be and she would like what you truly believe and feel
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Originally Posted by Mikercw View Post
Give me ideas to what you want said... I may be able to help
Should I be scared?

I kinda know what I want to say but have never been that eloquent. I just wanted to tell her about how she will really begin to see what life is all about and that it's just starting. To enjoy the ups and downs and learn from them, never to lose heart during the tough times. Things of that nature.

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Be honest and straightforward but you should do it, family is family no matter what. Put it out there and leave it up to her from there. But putting it out there at least opens that door up some.
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Tell her whats in your hear even if its scary for you. The important thing is you told her how you felt its up to her to accept it. She may not at first but I can almost guarantee she will keep it and read it again sometime in the future. Overbearing Mothers play a huge roll on the reactions and acceptance of others when it comes to there children. Eventually she will want to find out for herself. You raised her until she was 5 she will remember that and yep she was probably hurt when you left but that wasn't your responsibility to begin with and neither is the guilt your laying on yourself. Just tell her how you feel and the place she holds in your heart, then its up to her.
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Nothing says I love you better than a motorcycle ! just sayin
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Can't add to what been said. Just do it.

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