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Engineer of the Love Boat
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Question When is it over?

We've had a thread about when you can tell the other person is not feeling the relationship anymore, but what about you? What things or feelings do YOU have that tell you it's time to get out or that the relationship is no longer for you. Assume and answer the question as if the SO feels that everything is good, they're happy, and they have no plans to end the relationship.
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So Amazingly Happy
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Hmm.. that's interesting. Usually when things get that point, it's felt by both parties. I haven't really had to experience this on my end.. that I remember.
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my signs: dragging my feet and working as much as possible so I didnt have to go home. Weighing the pros and cons in my head. When I felt I HAD to lie or be sneaky...I have a lot. I just never listen to them. I'm starting to figure it out tho.
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Its been a very, very long time since I went through this, but I still remember the feelings very vividly. I felt sick when he called, I found myself not answering the phone when I was around him I looked at him and felt disgust. My skin crawled when he touched me and I avoided kissing.. sore throat, you know. Bottom line they drained my energy and I became physically ill.
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Down the Rabbit Hole
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I don't really go through a feet-dragging process. As soon as I no longer enjoy her company, it's pretty well over. I'll recognize it if I skip answering the phone, if I physically keep a distance between us when we're out together, etc. Once I see that happen once or twice, it's pretty obvious that it's time to stick a fork in it.
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~Messy Baby~
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I think you just know. When I get that one thought in my head "Hmmm I don't think this is working out" I may as well throw in the towel, once I've thought this, even once, it's over. And it's usually within a few days that I call it quits.
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When spending time with the s/o vs the bike and I get more enjoyment out of the bike.

Barney had the crazy to hot axis graph chart; I think he is right. I will put up with a different level of cr@p depending on how hot the girl is... but once the line of hot to crazy ratio has been crossed, its over.

If you call, I see its you, and it goes to voice mail, and I had every chance to pick it up, but wouldnt because I say it was you... you are on your way out.

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