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Rezident Cynik
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Satyriasis is the masculine form of Nymphomania. The terms are rooted in mythology. Nymphs were sort of like water fairies who had a penchant for seducing passing men at random. Satyrs are the half-man, half-goat things, and typically had a penchant for revelry and debauchery.

I'm surprised that Satyriasis isn't as well known as Nymphomania. Maybe it's because it's considered normal in this society for men to be horny bastards 24/7. When a woman is sexually promiscuous, she's called names and branded an outcast. But this isn't about double standards.

I have been a Satyr for quite a while. No, not just a horny bastard. I have ruined relationships and caused the potential to ruin others because of my compulsion. I've been thinking a lot lately, about the priorities in my life.

See, right out of high school, I actually got engaged, to a sweet, devoted, and understanding girl. I broke up with her to pursue another girl who moved in across the street from me. Later, I went back to the first girl. I was relatively happy, we lived together for a while. But she never satisfied my sexual desire. I left her again when I went back to school, thinking, Hey, college town, land of plenty, right? (Didn't turn out that way. Too busy to meet anyone)

Came back to Washington, hooked up with another girl...she WAS a nympho. She screwed me the day after I met her. We had a relatively happy relationship for a while, though she was a bit jealous. I cheated on her. Destroyed the relationship. She went back to an ex, and got back into drugs. She would come to me for help, wanting to clean herself up, every once in a while...but always disappear again back to the Meth life. I still wonder if I was partly responsible for that.

Let's see, skip ahead a few relationships....Hmm, there WAS that thing with the one chick and her cousin....threesomes and whatnot. Seemed awesome until the one I was ACTUALLY dating started to get jealous...

Then the one who was engaged when we met...she really did seem like everything I ever wanted. Caring partner, wonderful mother, a handful in the sack...except for that whole "belonging to someone else" thing...

And the chick I slept with after her boyfriend - a good friend of mine - cheated on her. Well, I lost that friend from that little indiscretion....and she turned out to be batty to the point of scary, too.

Point is, it's all been a horrible mess of emotional fulfillment combined with sexual frustration, or sexual gratification and emotional strife... and lately I've been pondering what's really more important to me. The fact is, I've lost quite a few friends, male and female, because of my compulsions....and lately, it's started to get a bit lonesome around here. I feel like I'm starting to get a bit old...and more than a little cynical about the whole sodding thing.

This really isn't a question. It's more like me, venting a little, while airing out some of my dirty laundry so nobody gets the wrong idea about me...yeah, I'm a romantic. But I'm also human...and to be completely honest, perhaps a little more fallible than most...

Just kinda wonder if anyone feels me here....opinions, experiences, and even outright criticisms are welcome.

Sorry, it's late and I'm bored again.

"Lord I was born a ramblin' ma-aaan...."
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OK, you suck me in and I read your whole post and you end it with yet another song that gets stuck in my head. What are you like one of those greatest hit infomercials
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Rezident Cynik
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I'm a Gentleman
Living in Various Locations in WA
Humor is Dry/Sarcastic

Nope, I got nothin to sell....and even if I did, nobody's buyin!

I may not be a musician anymore, really, but I'm still a musically-inclined person....and there's a song for almost any situation.

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