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The No NO`s of dating

If you are out on a Date.. What are some things that you would just care not to hear out of his/her mouth?

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Married and then some.
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1. I have to get up early to go snowmobiling so we should head home. ( I get up early every damn morning to make your lunch we will not be heading home)
2. Damn look at those boobs. ( Thats nice and as much as I appreciate the human body from an artistic stand point you are here with me ...little boobs)
3. Something I ate gave me gas....(thats attractive)
4. What..huh..I can hear the guy 2 tables behind me better than I can hear you. All I hear from your direction is.bzzzzzzz. (get a hearing aid.. fine lets go home)
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oh lets see.....
Gawd I need a cigarette. (I dont date girlz that smoke :P)
I need to call my sitter (I dont date womenz with kids)
My husband.... um currently married is a no fly zone
My Ex.... get over it, I dont care about your ex, I aint him/her/them
I need to stop by the pharmacy and pick up my Valtrex that should be self explanatory
I have my period tonite.... good for you, not really dinner conversation.
If you have radical extreme vegan dietary tirades, we aint getting along
Not so much said, but if you are packing a small purse that has a tiny dog in it...NEXT
If you are texting during the date, obviously not to me... just rude.

I know I will think of more.

"you know when you have found someone... someone that you feel comfortable with... when you can just sit together and shut the F up, ... why do we feel the need to fill every moment with endless prattle about trivial tedious cr@p?" gotta love Quinton T.
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Litte Mary Sunshine
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I'm a Girl
Living in just this of side of hell

as of last night, " I fucked some chick in a hotub last week"

My response:

"I'll one up ya, my last fuck was, (lets just say an esteemed member of the motorcyle community)

At least I got free shit and no THAT bitch

wait, what was question
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Living in spokane

anything that compares me to some else..
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Interested in Women

"I used to be a guy"
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Very Married
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I'm a Male
Living in Wenatchee

You are gonna kill yourself on that bike of yours...

(Hey, it's only a tricycle! It only goes as fast as you pedal it.)

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