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I'm a Male
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Exclamation Keeping regular check on your partners email:-E Snoopz

E Snoop Zone: Email Surveillance Services..

For all those people who want to find out if your partner is cheating or the password to your partnerís Yahoo!/GMail/msn/AOL and other. Or if you are a parent worrying about what your kid might be doing at the computer behind closed doors.

Business going bad? Time to check up on your employees surfing habits. But how to do this, without getting caught trying to get some information?

Keep reading, we have the solution for all of you people.

We expertise in hacking gmail, yahoo, hotmail, AOL, facebook passwords as these are the top mail servers considered worldwide. We also hack other mail server's password according to the client's requirement.

Some of the important features of E Snoopís are as follows:

1- Fastest and most reliable cracking service.
2- Totally stealth and secure.
3- Provides the password currently in use by your target. We DO NOT change or reset the password.
4- Payment is expected ONLY AFTER we are able to provide you a proof that we have got the requested password.
5- Multiple payment options...including pay pal, western union.

The Fees for the service is 220USD.

Donít be fooled by scammers, because not all the accounts can be cracked, the chances to get an email password are 70%-80% so it is a good percentage to try our services.

For placing an order you will have to fill in the details and send it to our email:

e s n o o p z o n e @ g m a i l . c o m

1. Email the target's email address. (Eg: target at y a h o o dot c o m)
2. Name of the target
3. Your email address.
4. Your name
5. Your country.
6. Reason to crack
7. Choose any payment mode from the following options. (WESTERN UNION,MONEYGRAM)

** The entire procedure is safe, secure and its only $220 USD

** We will mail you in 48hrs max with the status of your request. If we have successfully cracked it, we will send you the appropriate proof as per your demand!

** The victim will not realize that he/she has been cracked. We will be giving you the same password used by the victim.

That is all you need to do!!!

e s n o o p z o n e @ g m a i l . c o m

PS: Fake Requests OR Spam are dealt accordingly. You tend to lose your account if you do the same. The same applies for the persons trying to test us OR do not respond after asking for proofs.

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Litte Mary Sunshine
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please post your address. Poacher like you need to be taken out of the gene pool. Thanks I know, wasted breath but I felt better
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o0ooooweee you just know he got him some victims with that.

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