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Question What do you think about teenage relationships?

I can say that I'm currently a stupid teenager that found myself in some sticky situations over the past few weeks.

This included drinking tequila from guys I didn't know at the mall

And getting my first real boyfriend.

I know everyone says "you'll have half a dozen more by the time you graduate" but this one is.... Different..... We both play piano, love music, go to the same church, love nature, etc..... But... We progressed rapidly.

This has to do with he fact that his family is staying in Wisconsin for the entire summer. We had the last week of school together, a few days in church, and a few hours at my house as a couple. During that school week we had hugged, kissed, and given eachother goodbye gifts....

I feel like its so stereotypical for everyone here to say "puppy love" but even my friends say they've never met a junior in high school that could treat his sophomore girlfriend with such class and love, for being together so shortly. I had some beautiful and tender moments with him at a piano though, and our connection is perfect. We fit together.

What are your views on teenage relationships in general and how mine seems to be going? What can I expect as we progress?

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