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I'm a Female
Living in Little Rock

How to get my friend to realize it's ok to be single.

I've always thought there was something really pathetic about people who take on the same personality as the person they start dating.Its kind of like they never had one of their own.
Like my best friend Kitty who is 19 and dating a 15 year old who is way too young for her and it's illegal. Our other friend Heather and I told not to go out with him in the first place, but she ignored us or just didn't care what we thought.
Every time she brings him (she has drive him cause he's to young to drive) to hang he has been such an ass to everyone and basically a lump, cause all he does is sit and hold her hand or only talk to her quietly, And we have tried to be nice and include him in conversations but he just shoots us down with rude comments.
The last time we were all together at a restaurant eating before going to the movies, she brought him he said some thing really rude to my sister who just asked if he had seen the Ironman movies, so we thought he didn't want us there so we told Kitty we would go see a different movie so they could have a date night, she wasn't too happy about that but went any way.
After the movies were over and she had taken him home she texted and said that she felt that we had excluded her from the group and that she wanted to meet some where to talk to us, and once we met up Heather my sister and I said that we sorry but that we had gotten the feeling that he didn't want us there so let them have a date night since in Heather's words "he was being a dick" and Kitty responded by telling Heather not say that about him, and that he was just shy and he was intimidated by us cause we were older, which pissed us off, so my sister told her that she was older than him too, and Kitty's excuse is that "it's just different with me."
Some times I think my friend is in denial about growing up and she just wants to stay a little girl forever, that whole night pissed me off and made me look at my friend in a different light.
How do I get her to realize that being single doesn't mean nobody loves her or wants her cause she's the type of person who thinks she has to be in a relationship to be happy so she goes out with the first guy who she gets along with, I think she confuses love with friendship.
Since that day we have no longer been friends and it kinda hurts that she would throw away six years of friendship for a stupid child, and now the only friends she has are under the age of 17. I think she is pathetic and needs to grow up, she is in collage now not grade school.

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I'm a Female
Living in DAKAR

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